Dr. Shanelle

is more than a person. She is a brand that exists to be a source of education, support, and guidance to help women succeed through equity, business development, and wellness coaching.

My Pillars


To challenge the status quo that women can't have it all. Instead, women can have the lives that they desire through wellness.


To empower and encourage women to take control of their lives through internal and external wellness.


Seeing women accomplish and achieve their dream lives through positive wellness habits.

My Foundation

Wellness - A comprehensive approach that emphasizes the connection between environment, mindset, attitude, beliefs, thoughts, feelings, emotional state, and physical health. This is a holistic process that focuses on prevention and individualized coaching. Our methods emphasize, plant-based nutrition, exercise, yoga, and meditation.  We believe optimum health is wellness in your mind, body and soul.

Equity - An intentional method of addressing gender inequalities that limit a woman’s ability to access opportunities to achieve better health, education, and economic opportunity. Process by which women gain power and agency over their own lives and acquire the ability to make deliberate choices. It is a woman-centered ideal that encourages active participation in all aspects of society and equal protections under the law.

Business – A strategic process used to identify, nurture, and develop profitable business opportunities for women by enhancing entrepreneurial knowledge and skills through networking, mentorship, and structured training programs. This approach is extensive, collaborative, inclusive, and consultative while emphasizing the importance of succeeding in a global economy.

My Journey

For full transparency, let’s begin a few decades back. My father was murder when I was ten years old.

The loss of my father left a void, and I spent the last forty years attempting to fill that space.

At age 18, I became a mother.

From that early age to now, I’ve encountered the destructive student who believed violence was the solution, the insecure scholar who hid behind anger, the traumatized athlete who used aggression and injury to communicate and the reckless executive with superficial charm who broke boundaries using manipulation and abuse. You name it, I’ve experienced it, and this is how I ended up here.

In December of 2022, I felt a stirring in my soul and knew it was time to take control my life. Then began my self-love journey.

In January 2023, I embarked on a 100-day wellness challenge. My goal was to improve discipline by adhering to a plant-based diet and committing to exercise, yoga, and meditation. If time and focus allowed, I planned to develop a new business, also.

I know, lofty goals.

In March 2023, I started experiencing a heightened sense of awareness. I was alert, focused and intuitive. As I reflect on this period, I get emotional.

The sensations in my mind, body, and soul continue. I became restless. I was changing. I evolved. I looked at my life and I noticed patterns such as,

“Why have I engaged in creating and completing outstanding external work {education, business} but not engaged in internal work {self-worth, self-esteem}?”

“How do I bridge the gap from knowing I deserve better to allowing myself to identify, welcome and receive better? “

I look back and I know I must forgive myself to make space for peace, love, joy, respect, and abundance.

My desire for balance led me to Dr. Shanelle, the brand. A service that captures the balance between wellness and success.

One that focuses on healing internal and external health. One that empowers, supports, and uplifts women to become unstoppable in her whole-self.

I am Dr. Shanelle. I Am the Sum Total of My Experiences.